Brand Zeitgeist

Brand Zeitgeist

“What I say today everybody will say tomorrow, though they will not remember who put it into their heads. Indeed they will be right for I never remember who puts things into my head : it is the Zeitgeist.”
–George Bernard Shaw

Marketing speaker and writer Chris Houchens has released his latest book, Brand Zeitgeist: Embedding Brand Relationships into the Collective Consciousness.

This new business book reinforces basic marketing and branding principles and illustrates how businesses can use fundamental aspects of human nature to develop a brand strategy.

About Brand Zeitgeist

The zeitgeist is an abstract concept of what’s currently top-of-mind in the public’s collective consciousness. The concept of brand is also an abstract idea to describe the relationship between consumers and a company.

In Brand Zeitgeist, marketing expert Chris Houchens shows how these two ideas can work together to create a winning brand strategy.

Companies can tap into the power of the zeitgeist to spread their marketing messages by bringing their brand to the forefront of customers’ minds. Businesses can also use the zeitgeist to provide those customers the tools to spread their message through word-of-mouth and other viral channels.

Houchens uses real world examples to provide a practical look at the fundamentals of branding and offers a common sense guide for businesses to develop their own brand strategy.

Brand Zeitgeist answers the questions:

  • How important are logos and other visual brand elements?
  • How should brands evolve to stay fresh?
  • How does word-of-mouth marketing spread?
  • How important are advertising and customer service in a brand strategy?
  • How can brands use the power of social media and online communities?
  • How can branding be built-in during product development?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness and ROI of branding efforts?

Book Trailer

Table of Contents

1. What is the Zeitgeist?
2. What is a Brand?
3. First Impressions Last
4. Groupthink
5. Trendsetters and Brand Evolution
6. First Things First
7. Brands are driven by the Message
8. Experiencing the Brand Relationship
9. Bottom Line Brands
-About the Author
-Appendix (Brand Examples)
-References / Notes
-Bring Brand Zeitgeist to you

What people are saying about Brand Zeitgeist

“Brand Zeitgeist was a quick, informative read. It addressed branding and other marketing issues, but was accessible and clear. By using specific examples, Houchens illustrates his ideas so that even those unfamiliar with marketing examples can understand them.
At a slim 90 pages, this book served as a nice entry into the concepts of brand, zeitgeist and brand strategy for me. The references and suggestions provide timely strategies and suggestions, taking into account new media sources, as well as old. This is a great new book — check it out!”
–Reviewer at

“Peppered with practicality! Rife with real-world examples!
It’s not easy to find a marketing book where all the hype is in other authors’ endorsements. The refreshingly no-nonsense volume you hold in your hands is one. Brand Zeitgeist answers the critical question you should be asking to grow your business: What does it take to get under your customer’s skin?
Chris Houchens delivers with this thoughtful work, in the same easygoing style that’s made his Shotgun Marketing Blog a must-read for me. If you’re trying to figure out how to connect with customers when traditional marketing has lost much of its value, and why “connecting” is a whole lot more than today’s buzz word, this is the book for you.
Zeitgeist is a real zinger!
Kelly Erickson, Author of the Maximum Customer Experience Blog and owner of VisionPoints, The Experience Designers.

“WOW! Finally real world strategies for REAL WORLD MARKETING! A must read for anyone in business! BRAND ZEITGEIST uses common sense techniques to illustrate how important your brand is and how every department is part of your brand!
This is really a great job! I think I will buy a copy for just about everyone I know… SERIOUSLY.. you have – in a simply concise manner – given a road map to branding – and in a broad sense marketing. I just don’t understand why more people don’t “get it” but here it is in black and white!”
Melissa McGuire, Marketing Director of Kentucky Down Under