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the new principles of Advertising

Do you know someone who needs a better understanding of the “new” world of media, advertising, and PR? From 24-Jan to 13-May, I’ve been asked to teach an online course on the Principles of Advertising for Western Kentucky University.

Officially, the JOUR341 class at Western is “a survey course in the fundamental principles and practices of advertising including study of the techniques of creating advertisements, functions of advertising agencies, budgets, media selection, research and other topics”.

And we’ll do all that; but with an emphasis on the next generation of media and marketing including social, mobile, and more. We’ll also discuss traditional media’s place in a digital world and how traditional media and methods can be adapted to a new media mindset.

For a synopsis of the mindset of this class, take a look at this Nov-2010 Fast Company article: www.fastcompany.com/magazine/151/mayhem-on-madison-avenue It will be one of the first reading assignments.

My class is one of three courses offered by the WKU School of Journalism and Broadcasting though a new initiative called Ad+PR Online. (press release) As it’s an online course, it’s built to be a convenient way for professionals or businesspeople to get current on their media and marketing skills without missing work. Class participants will build on the work experience they have and further their knowledge in an area that is not only applicable, but also essential for business success in today’s recovering economy.

Sound good? You can find more info at www.wkufusion.com or by emailing cliff.shaluta AT wku dot edu. You can also search for CRN 21814 or JOUR-341-700 in the WKU TopNet scheduling system (spring 2011)

I’m still working on the syllabus, but I’ll post here when I get it worked out.

Apprentice Marketing

I thought there might not be any teachable moments in marketing with this season of The Apprentice. But then last night, the tide changed with 3 good marketing points.

1) I preach to clients and speaking audiences all the time about one of the most recurrent marketing sins that I see…the novel on a billboard. With a billboard, you get one thought and one thought only. It has to be straightforward and so simple that a child could comprehend it without thinking. What you see so many times are billboards and other outdoor media that have the old mentality of “we paid for this space so we need to use all of it“.

2) While designing their losing billboard, Andrea said…”Well, I do most of the graphic design for my company.” At that point, I thought she’d grab Quark and get busy. But instead, she sat behind the graphic artist, pointed at the screen, and said things like “more colors” and “more fonts”. That’s not graphic layout. That’s micro-managing someone who knows more than you do.

3) Anytime you get 3 or more people get together to design an ad, it’s a disaster. Marketing by committee is always a losing proposition.

Bonus Point 4) People from KY are both empathic and strong leaders. Way to go, Charmaine.


From Cherry Hall to Trump Tower

If you’re a long time reader of the Shotgun Marketing BLOG, you know that I like to pull teachable moments in marketing from the NBC “reality” show “The Apprentice”.

Season 5 starts tonight and I’m already interested in one of the candidates because she’s from KY. Charmaine Hunt is originally from Madisonville, KY and graduated from my alma mater, Western Kentucky University.