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signs 101

People and many businesses don’t know how to put a sign by the road.

This seems like a very basic skill to me. But now as more temporary event signage for summer events is put up and the political sign season beginning, I’m seeing many dumb placement of these signs. And it’s not just cheap banners and yard signs, there’s lots of permanent signage that is incorrectly oriented.

The basic problem is that some people feel the need to place the sign where they can see it from inside the business. This is a derivative of the major marketing sin many people commit which is “if I can’t see my marketing, then it doesn’t exist”. In signage, you need to appeal to the “traveling down the street” demographic, not the “inside the building” demographic.

These people place their signs parallel to the road so that someone travelling down the road would have to turn their head 90 degrees at the exact correct moment in order to read the sign.

The correct placement of most signage is perpendicular to the road so that people can read it for a longer time.

I have created an infographic below to help you see the error of your ways. Which placement is more readable?

how to put a sign by the road