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speaking south

A few notes on upcoming speaking events:

  • (near) Birmingham, AL — On Fri Nov 14, I’ll be talking healthcare B2B marketing at the annual national meeting of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association.
    (more info and registration)
  • Baton Rouge, LA — I will be doing my presentation, “Selling the Image: Developing a Winning Brand Strategy,” for the Advertising Federation of Baton Rouge on Fri Mar 6
    (more info)

As always, if you need a marketing speaker to deliver an entertaining and engaging presentation on branding, media, healthcare marketing, sales, or any of the other marketing topics I cover, then please contact me.

wanna see me?

A brief blogging pit stop to announce some public events I’ll be speaking at in the next few months.

April 11 (Chicago) — Inland Press Interactive Media Seminars
A big day for newspapers with lots of discussion on multimedia in journalism and what newspapers need to be doing on the web. I will be doing a session at 1030am about newspaper blogs.
(More info) (Register)

May 7 (Chicago) — Inland Press Small Newspaper Workshops
Smaller circulation newspapers need to be online too. I’ll be doing a session at 1:15 that will focus on using video, audio, rich media, and social networking to grow a newspaper site.
(Info) (Register)

May 30 (Las Vegas) — World Tea Expo
I think one of the nicest compliments I get is being asked back to an event. And this one is a great one to go back to. If you missed my marketing spiel at the World Tea Expo in Atlanta last year, please try to make it to my session in Las Vegas this year. I will be talking about Winning Brand Strategies. While I will focus on the beverage industry, any industry can apply the branding principles I will be talking about.
(Get info) (Register)

June 7 (Atlanta) — American Advertising Federation National Conference
I’m actually doing a private daylong session for the Executive Directors prior to the conference, but I will be floating around the AAF meeting. I’d love to meet you if you’re there.

I will be off the speaking market from mid-July to mid-August, but I have a few tentatitve bookings for this fall and next year. I will post the open public ones when they are confirmed.

As always, if you would like to bring me in for a conference or a private corporate event, I’d love to work with you. Click here for possible topics, video demo, testimonials, and more.

chest swelling

Shotgun Concepts and I picked up a few awards today at the Professional Marketing Association’s annual “Markie” awards luncheon

The work I did for three clients won:
Best Brochure (1-2 color) – WKU Writing Project
Best Websitewww.balloonstunesbbq.com
Best Print Advertisement – Morgantown Bank & Trust

And I was honored with PMA’s top award of “Marketer of the Year”

Thanks so much to the organizers and the person who nominated me.

new video digs

We just put the finishing touches on my new speaking demo tape. Thanks to Doug Marrs and the team at Studio Now for the great job. You can watch the video below.

If you need a speaker for a conference or a private business event, I would be happy to provide you a quote. For testimonials, the topics I present, and other info, you can visit my marketing speaker page.

You can also find the video on YouTube.

Power 150 marketing blogs

Chris Houchens and the Shotgun Marketing blog are one of the top media and marketing blogs on the Ad Age Power 150

I originally showed up in the 50’s on Todd And’s Top 150 list of top media and marketing blogs after my inclusion in the Z List phenomenon.

Now Todd has partnered with Advertising Age and the Power 150 is now a feature of AdAge.com. Congrats to Todd for making a very worthwhile project payoff.

While the Z-List is wearing off, I’m no longer in the 50’s, I’m still proud to be included in such great company on the new Ad Age Power 150 list.

Speaking at BarCamp Nashville

chris houchens speaker at barcamp nashville

I’m very excited to be speaking at BarCamp Nashville. I will be giving my “Social Media and Blogs in Corporate Marketing” presentation at 12:20pm on August 18th in Nashville.

As you can see from the barcamp schedule, the organizers have broken the day up into specific focus areas and I will be a part of the Business and New Media timeslots.

If you’re a blogger in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, or Northern Alabama, you need to attend all or part of the day. Find more info here.

Big Marketing on a Small Budget webinar

It’s always a good thing when you’re invited back.

I have been contracted by HealthLeaders Media to participate in another healthcare marketing webinar called Big Marketing on a Small Budget. It’s coming up soon on Tuesday, April 24.

My co-presenters, Rhoda Weiss and Ken Trester, have extensive backgrounds in healthcare marketing and really know their stuff. In the preplanning calls and emails, we’ve been very excited about the content we’re putting together. The webinar will focus on getting the most out of a healthcare marketing dollar.

If you’ve attended my seminar “Shoestring Marketing”, you’ll recognize alot of the content that I’ll be bringing. My key takeaway in that seminar is not to solely focus on cost but to look at overall return on investment. I’ll also be discussing some new methods that have high ROI.

You can find a complete description and agenda for the webcast here: http://www.healthleadersmedia.com/webcast/4968.html

Awol. Sorry.

Posting has been light lately as I have been embroiled in several client and in-house projects. Long hours now, but two neat items on the horizon.

  • Look for a new webinar with Health Leaders Media coming up in late April.
  • I’ve been contracted to write a chapter for a book that’s coming out late this Spring.

Details on both are coming soon.

Squidoo and You

I feel so much a part of the “in-crowd”. I got to be in the “private beta” for Seth Godin’s new project, Squidoo. Squidoo went to public beta yesterday…so now we can talk about it.

Squidoo (and the many copycats that will pop up) is one of the next steps in the Web 2.0 changeover. It’s a wonderful way for humans to organize the web through the use of “lenses”.

I only worked on one lens while the project was in closed beta…the topic in which I am the world’s foremost authority…me…

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