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The New Business Strategy Model

Dmitry Linkov is a consultant and entrepreneur in Moscow and has been a friend of the Shotgun Marketing Blog for several months as a reader and commenter. Dmitry is currently working on a project and is soliciting ideas and quotes on the topic of the current state / evolution of Business Strategy.

Of course, anytime I can contribute information that will be published in Russian, I’m in. Here are my thoughts to his query…

We are currently at the beginning of a dramatic shift in the way that business strategy will be crafted. In the past and to a large part today, businesses have developed strategies that relied upon controlling a one-way message that went out to the market.

Today, we find that the message is starting to become two-way and multi-dimensional. Many messages about a company don’t even include the business as a participant. As the 1st Thesis of the Cluetrain states, “Markets are Conversations”.

As a part of a sound business strategy, corporations must learn to guide (not dictate) how these conversations are developed. They must be observant and reactive (or proactive) to what marketing messages are generated about them through channels such as consumer generated content, blogs, and other aspects of the new social model of the Internet. The challenge in business strategy in the next 10 years will be the switch from the old guard to this new model.

That’s my 2 cents. Maybe you agree or have a different idea. Please visit Dmitry and contribute. He’s also going to organize all the info he collects and post it (in English!) on his blog.