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the unwritten kodak bankruptcy post

Today’s news (that we’ve seen coming for weeks) is that Kodak is bankrupt.

I’m sure the SEO hungry Monday morning quarterback business and marketing bloggers living in their mother’s basements have had a post in draft mode for weeks just waiting to pounce. But if you’re late getting to the trough, here are some specific points to use in a blog post to advance pagerank on the backs of others’ misfortune.

  • Compare Kodak to other legacy industries (record companies, newspaper publishing, etc) who face the digital transformation and how none of them “get” it.
  • Since you have no skin in the game and have the advantage of 20/20 hindsight, point out where Kodak went wrong.
  • In a tsk-tsk manner, make the profound point that Kodak thought they were in the photo business when they were actually in the memory preservation business.
  • Specifically point out that Kodak could have gone digital early (they actually invented much of digital photo technology) and been dominant in the market because of their strong brand, but didn’t want to undermine it’s main revenue source (film).
  • Make sure there’s a Paul Simon / Kodachrome reference in your post.
  • End the post with a look the future. By shedding financial obligations in the bankruptcy, Kodak can now focus on rebuilding with new technology.
  • Encourage readers to leave comments or tweet the post.