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Your Account is Currently Overdue

This is a marketing sin that is primarily committed by healthcare organizations, but any company can be dumb enough to do it.

With an infant in the house, we have quite a few medical bills in the mailbox. Here’s a typical situation: We take the boy for something medical in January. In March, we get the first bill from the healthcare provider. On the bill, the amount we owe is in the “60 days overdue” box, and there’s a memo stating that our “account is overdue. Please pay the full amount soon.”…(which is invoice code for “you’re a deadbeat who won’t pay the bill”.)

Frankly, it ticks me off everytime. How can the first bill I get from someone already be 60 days overdue?

Of course, I work with marketing in the healthcare industry all the time…so I know what’s happening. The billing people have waited to send me a bill while waiting to see what our health insurance will pay. After insurance does what it’s going to do, they send me a bill for my part. Insurance companies aren’t known for their speed…so it could be a couple of months before it’s “my turn’ to pay.

I’m sure on the top floors of the hospital that the healthcare marketing people can’t figure out why people aren’t latching onto the brand. Here’s why: It’s because while the marketing department is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on feel-good-generic-ads that tell me why they’re my hometown/personal/friendly/etc healthcare choice….the billing department is spending 39 cents to call me a deadbeat loser who won’t pay his bills.

Guess which message gets through to me the best?…The one with my personalized name and address.

Here’s the thing. Stuff like this happens all the time. The marketing folks are sending out one message while another part of the organization is sending out another. It could be billing. It could be the person at the reception desk. It could be on the Internet. It could be ANYWHERE that your customer has contact with your organization.

Like this billing problem, it’s probably easily fixed, but it keeps happening everyday. The bigger the organization, the more times it’s happening….and it’s slowly killing your brand.

Marketing is not just a department. It should be built into every touchpoint you have with the consumer.


Healthcare Marketing

I’m quoted several times in an article in the March 2006 issue of Orthopedics Today. While the article is part of a year long series dealing with how to market an orthopedic practice, the information can be used in any healthcare organization. This March installment deals with using marketing research and analysis on the front end of a marketing campaign. Read the article here.

My best quote from the article – “If you’re a cardiologist, Krispy Kreme is your competitor.”
My worst? – “A lot of it is just a gut check”

A reminder that healthcare marketing is one of my emphasis areas in both speaking and marketing projects. If you hire me, I promise that I’ll try not to use the term “gut check” anymore.


MGMA Meeting

Thanks for the great response at the MGMA conference in Nashville yesterday. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and really great questions and comments from the 150 attendees. Hopefully, folks learned how to create a marketing plan and got some extra marketing knowledge as well.

I had offered a little added value with a bonus handout of a Press Kit guideline. If you didn”t make it to the front before I ran out, you can download it by clicking the link below.
Items to include in a Press / Media Kit

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Healthcare Marketing Plans

A week from today I’ll be presenting at the annual conference of the Medical Group Management Association in Nashville, TN. I’ll do a breakout session entitled “How to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Healthcare Organization”.

“Officially” we’ll be doing this….

Despite the fact that a well-conceived marketing plan can save budget while broadening reach, many healthcare practices do not have one in place. During this hands-on session both beginning practitioners and established organizations will take away a step-by-step process for creating an effective, long-term strategic marketing plan. You will be able to use the sample marketing plan and information provided to explain the importance of marketing in the medical field, identify the business applications involved, and begin the process of developing your own plan.

If you’re in the Nashville area and want to know more about Healthcare Marketing, please sign up for the conference.

And as always, if you or your group need a marketing keynote or other presentation, I travel the country presenting keynotes, breakouts, and seminars about the need for great marketing across several topics. For a list of those topics and how to book me, click here.

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