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Lawyer Logos in Love

In addition to highlighting a great post I had (if I do say so myself) on Marketing By Committee, Tom Kane over at the Legal Marketing Blog has also pointed out a post I had back in June concerning bad logo work. The trouble pops up when businesses think a combination of PaintShop / Publisher/ WordArt combined with an inkjet makes them graphic designers.

There are lots of things people need to think about with logo development…

  • When you do hire it out…make sure the graphic designer actually knows what they’re doing. I see many businesses pay WAY too much for cookie-cutter designs from “logo design” companies that lurk in the classified sections in the back of business magazines.
  • Logos should pop out at the viewer, but not so much that it’s distracting.
  • Avoid whatever is the design-trend-of-the-moment..as it will make your logo look dated in just a few years.
  • Fax it. A fax transmission will be the toughest punishment any graphic will take. When you fax a logo and it comes through the other side still carrying your identity, it is designed well. Same goes for embroidery.
  • It should convey an unspoken message. Even with no text, someone should be able to look at your logo and be able to broadly describe what the business is about. (i.e. – traditional company, new tech company, etc)…BUT remember that….
  • Simple but bold is the best design. Get too busy and it won’t be effective. Many companies try to make their logo an advertisement. It’s not.
  • Avoid too many colors. 4 color process looks great until you have to pay for it in everything you print. The best logos are one or two colors (again, simple is best)
  • Use vectors. This will make enlargements/reductions much easier (and better looking)
  • Check the legal implications. Spending time/money on designing and printing a logo only to receive a cease and desist letter from someone who thinks your logo is a little too reminiscent of their logo is a headache and a disaster waiting to happen.
  • But the most important thing…and something that I rail and rant about daily is…..Logo does NOT equal Brand. If you think it does, you’ve already lost the battle.

There are several other considerations when developing a logo (too many to go into here). But this list seems to cover the most important to me. Any other thoughts?

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More on Logos

You’d think this was a problem (read: mistake) that only very small businesses would have…but I’m seeing it more and more with larger companies.

Unless you know typography and design, you shouldn’t be designing your own logo.

I saw a large medical practice today with a logo that was WordArt.

If you’re designing a flyer for a yard sale..WordArt is OK.
If you’re designing a logo for a multi-million dollar medical practice that’s trying to create a feeling of professionalism…not so good.

As desktop publishing, copiers, and on-demand printing become more available and more affordable. it doesn’t necessarily mean you should do your own stuff.

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UPDATE: More things to keep in mind when working with a logo.