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Amusing is good. I like amusing.

Mr. Cartoons-drawn-on-the-back-of-business-cards and Global Microbrand uber-guru Hugh Macleod over at GapingVoid requested an under 500 word marketing manifesto.

I sent him an expanded version of one of my most quoted posts from back in March of 2005.

The Marketing-by-Committee manifesto on Gaping Void


Viral Purple Cow Synergy

(inspired by the recent good-natured sparring between Hugh and Tara…. )

Life cycle of good ideas:
1) Forward thinking individual(s) come up with groundbreaking idea/theory/method/etc
2) Group that surrounds individual(s) takes idea and runs with it…improves it…communicates it.
3) Sales/marketing/ad folks take idea and corrupt it. (book may be written at this stage)
4) Original thinkers shun the idea
5) Rinse. Repeat.

History of late is full of “buzzwords” that initially were great ideas, but then were destroyed by the unwashed masses.

Watch out. The Long Tail is next.


Marketing Big Idea

From Doc Searls…

“….far too much of what we call “Marketing” is about capturing and holding customers, rather than finding and satisfying customer needs…”


Doc’s entire article is here. Although I don’t agree with all of it as much as the above quote. Tara and Hugh do a good job talking from the marketing side of the equation.


Gaping Hat Tip

Thanks to Hugh for the “Hat Tip“. It’s an honor to be called out by such a great blogger.

If you’re coming from GapingVoid (or anywhere for that matter) and visiting Shotgun for the first time and need to catch up…I might direct you to my best posts of 2005. And there’s been good stuff this year too that you can scroll down and check out, especially this.