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Dancing Machine

I blogged a few months ago about the instant infatuation and total media coverage that could come up about any particular thing and then blow away like it was never there. This idea as it deals with marketing has popped up again with a summer “hit”. I’m fascinated with the adoption curve for ABCs Dancing with the Stars. It feels like I’m watching something from the late 70s/early 80s…(Circus of the Stars, anyone?)

Barring Kelly’s wardrobe malfunctions, what is the public seeing in this? If you had announced early this year that America would become obsessed with ballroom dancing, everyone would have laughed at you….and everyone would have been wrong.

What other trends could you introduce with your business that people will laugh at now…but could become very successful down the road?

And because I can’t resist (and wanted John O’Hurley to win)…

The harsh beam from the dance spotlight cut like the sun in the Gobi Desert. Villagers clamored around for a taste of the refined movement of the dance. It was the perfect moment for my Nepalese Dance shirt…sizes small, medium, and large…$187 – J. Peterman catalog

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