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Crazy Marketing

As we near the 4th…here’s a little marketing bit to think about.

Fireworks businesses and packaging seem to have one of two branding angles….
1) Patriotic – Red/White/Blue – Etc
2) Insanity – Craziness – Etc

I can see the first, but why the second?

Why would I want to buy packaged gunpowder and explosives from someone who is “crazy”…or from an establishment that claims it’s owned and operated by psychotic clowns?

I’m sure the first roadside fireworks stand that tried the crazy/psychotic look was very successful. Why? It was different. It made them stand out from the Boy Scout Troop selling the same thing in the ODGreen tent a mile down the road. It didn’t have anything to do with the product, but it made people look up.

And every year, the local fireworks stand just accepts that he has to be “crazy” because that’s the way fireworks stands are marketed. But as with all unique marketing angles, the 1st one works and the copycats beat it to death until it’s more of the same old same old — like this recent familiar example.

“Yeah..well that’s just some guy who only works in June in a tent…what does he know about marketing. We’re a big company. We don’t do that.”

Really? What is your business doing with marketing that once seemed unique…but is now just boring…and you’re doing it because “that’s what works for everyone else”?

Just because your marketing plan goes beyond just plain commercials and print ads, it doesn’t mean you’re “out there” on the cutting edge. It seems simple and trite…but lots of businesses don’t get the simple idea that…To be unique, you must be…unique.