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About a year ago, General Electric said that coal can be beautiful in a TV spot that focused on new Coal Gasification technology from GE. The spot revolved around several supermodel-type men and women portraying coal miners while Tennessee Ernie Ford’s classic “16 Tons” played in the background. Watch the spot here.

At the time, quite a few smart websites and blogs came down hard on the ad for several reasons….that 16 Tons was actually about the atrocities of coal mining…that coal miners get still black lung and other diseases from mining “clean coal”…that mining is still environmental suicide…that mining destroys Appalachian mountains that can never be recovered….and lots of others. I think Seth Stevenson’s Ad Report Card had the best critique.

As happens with most conversations that the blogosphere tries to have with large corporations, GE ignored the abundant common sense ideas and kept running the ad.

I wonder if they’ll stop running it now after those gentlemen’s bodies come out of that West Virginia mine…and it turns out none of them look like Heidi Klum?