Shotgun Concepts

Shotgun Concepts provides guidance on marketing strategyChris Houchens founded Shotgun Concepts in 1997 to provide guidance on marketing strategy to today’s forward thinking companies. Chris offers this guidance through four channels…

  1. Speaking Engagements
  2. Writing in books, articles and Chris’ blog
  3. Consulting and Coaching
  4. Specialized Project Work

The Big Idea

Chris believes that the best approach to marketing is a holistic one. The organization from top to bottom must eat, sleep and breathe its marketing strategy. If not, there are more opportunities for fatal breaks in the chain (in lost customers and revenue). Shotgun Concepts works on a holistic integrated marketing philosophy. We consult with you and members of your team about how your company can properly execute marketing. We’ll help you create a marketing plan that is custom-made for your company using only the tools that are needed to solve your problem.

While the average person sees more advertising today than ever before, very few organizations truly understand how to MARKET to consumers. In America, advertising and marketing have become synonymous with commercials. They’re not.

Marketing is creating a great product that consumers want to buy, developing a conversation with potential consumers about that product/service, and then maintaining that relationship with those customers. Effective marketing takes many forms beyond what people typically think of as “ads”.

Everything you do conveys a message to your customers. You want to control that message. Chris can help you do it.


There are two types of consultants in the world.
1) Consultants who come in and start using words and catchphrases they’ve invented, tell you what you need before you have told them your problem, and want you to buy their system or their latest book.
2) Consultants who are experts and authorities in their field, who listen and observe before offering solutions, and are concerned about the growth of your business.

Chris is the second type.

Consultants are needed for various reasons. One of the most common is that sometimes the leadership of an organization is so close to the situation that the way out may not be obvious to see. They need a fresh set of eyes to see a solution. Sometimes you may not even know what the problem is or which way to go.

There are no two consulting clients alike. Everyone has a unique situation. Hence, there is no one-size solution. Chris brings years of marketing expertise to the table to help you see alternatives to your one-of-a-kind situation. You are the expert in your business. Shotgun listens and discovers as much as possible from you and then we work from there. The goal is to help you grow your business.

Shotgun Concepts can help you craft a strategy that goes beyond just “buying ads”. Our fees are fair and a we will offer you a price quote after a complimentary consultation to discover what your marketing needs are. Contact us to begin work today.


Consulting is for companies. Coaching is for individuals. Chris can work with individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and other leaders to both set and achieve their personal objectives in marketing and media. Let Chris help you with business coaching, executive coaching, media training, or other one-on-one specialized help.