About Chris

Chris Houchens is a (raconteur) speaker and writer who provides guidance on marketing strategy through speaking engagements, writing, and other project work.

Chris combines expertise in current trends with years of real-world experience in media and marketing to assist the organizations that trust him with their marketing strategy. Chris’ work, writings, and speaking presentations have cast him as a digital maven who functions as a bridge between traditional marketing and new media. Chris Houchens has spent his entire professional career working in both media and marketing, including as the operations manager of a radio group, as the online director of a newspaper, and the marketing director of both a healthcare organization and a construction company.

Chris’ signature business book is 2010’s Brand Zeitgeist, which is a primer of the fundamentals of branding and offers lessons on how organizations can use the fundamentals of human nature to develop a brand strategy. Chris is a prolific author whose books have dealt with topics such as advertising, blogging, and healthcare marketing. He’s even written a book about vegetable gardening!

Chris has been blogging since 2005 at ShotgunConcepts.com where he takes a unique, sometimes funny, and common sense look at the place where marketing, media, and life collide.

Chris Houchens is a dynamic professional speaker who has provided keynotes & seminars for businesses and organizations worldwide at conventions, trade shows, company retreats & business meetings. His talks are centered on many aspects of marketing, advertising, branding, social media, sales leadership, and customer service.

Read Chris’ blog and find out more about his writing and speaking at ChrisHouchens.com or connect with Chris on Twitter or Facebook.

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Chris Houchens has spent his entire professional career in media and marketing from working in newspapers and radio stations to directing the marketing of several healthcare and construction companies. He has served as an adjunct instructor of advertising at Western Kentucky University which is also his alma mater. Chris is the author of several works ranging from his magnum opus on branding, 2010’s Brand Zeitgeist down to a 37 page Kindle download on the joys of vegetable gardening. He’s been blogging since 2005 and on nearly every social network out there. Please welcome Chris Houchens.

Houchens = HOW-chins
Zeitgeist = ZIGHT-geyst