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Speaking at BarCamp Nashville

chris houchens speaker at barcamp nashville

I’m very excited to be speaking at BarCamp Nashville. I will be giving my “Social Media and Blogs in Corporate Marketing” presentation at 12:20pm on August 18th in Nashville.

As you can see from the barcamp schedule, the organizers have broken the day up into specific focus areas and I will be a part of the Business and New Media timeslots.

If you’re a blogger in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, or Northern Alabama, you need to attend all or part of the day. Find more info here.

Jump Ideas

I just returned from delivering a marketing talk at the World Tea Expo in Atlanta. Hats off to Stacy and all the event staff. It was one of the best organized conferences I’ve attended in a long while.

Being a marketing speaker is one of the things I most enjoy doing. One of the many reasons I enjoy it is — that for a few days — I get to be involved in drastically different industries and worlds of thought. In the past year, I have delivered seminars and keynotes to groups ranging from hospitals and medical facilities to orthotics and non-profits.

You’d be surprised how many new ideas and methods you can come up with for your own industry when you delve into a completely different worldview.

One of my favorite business stories is the bank manager who borrowed/stole operations and marketing ideas from the fast food industry to make his branches operate more quickly and efficiently. It’s these “jump ideas” that cause your business to differentiate and stand out from the competition.

While you may not be speaking at conferences and corporate events, you can do this. Pick up a trade journal or surf the web for information about a business or industry that you know nothing about and is not even remotely related to what you do.

You might find a “jump idea” that you can implement.

Tea time

Tea is hot. (rim shot)
Seriously, it’s a growing phenomenon with huge opportunities.

I’ve been invited to speak at the 2007 World Tea Expo which brings in the entire international crowd who market tea from the time it’s picked to when you drink it. This year the conference will run from June 9-11 in Atlanta, GA.

I’ll be talking about developing a marketing plan. It’s good content for anyone even if you’re not in the tea biz. Click here for more info about the World Tea Expo or click here to register.

And as always, I’m available for speaking engagements like this for your meeting, conference or private event. My keynotes, seminars, and talks are packed with ideas, relevant, fun, and full of common sense marketing. Visit my speaking page for more information about how you can bring me in to your group.

Big Marketing on a Small Budget webinar

It’s always a good thing when you’re invited back.

I have been contracted by HealthLeaders Media to participate in another healthcare marketing webinar called Big Marketing on a Small Budget. It’s coming up soon on Tuesday, April 24.

My co-presenters, Rhoda Weiss and Ken Trester, have extensive backgrounds in healthcare marketing and really know their stuff. In the preplanning calls and emails, we’ve been very excited about the content we’re putting together. The webinar will focus on getting the most out of a healthcare marketing dollar.

If you’ve attended my seminar “Shoestring Marketing”, you’ll recognize alot of the content that I’ll be bringing. My key takeaway in that seminar is not to solely focus on cost but to look at overall return on investment. I’ll also be discussing some new methods that have high ROI.

You can find a complete description and agenda for the webcast here:

Michiana Blogging Presentation

While getting there felt like this, I had a great time delivering the “Blogs/Social Media – Marketing as Conversation” presentation to the Michiana chapter of the American Advertising Federation yesterday.

I told the group I would have the presentation on the blog for them to download. Anyone who would like to can click here to get the PDF of the powerpoint.

Also…here are links to most of the websites and blogs that I discussed during the presentation.
The Long Tail
2005 Pew Internet data
My Space
You Tube
The FireHouse
Coke Zero “blog”
Robert Scoble
Miller Brew Blog
Google Blog
Mark Cuban
GM Fastlane
Shotgun Marketing Blog
The Cluetrain Manifesto

And a reminder to everyone that I am available to speak to conventions, trade shows, private corporate events, etc. visit my speaking page for more information.

Speaking odds and ends

Two upcoming events on the speaking calendar…
1) Next Tuesday, I will be presenting at a private corporate event in Las Vegas
2) In around 3 weeks on Feb 7, I will be delivering the “Blogs – Marketing as Conversation” talk for the Michiana chapter of the American Advertising Federation. You can find details on how to attend here. .

Also, there are two changes to the speaking page.
–There’s a new discount available called the FSSM discount. If you book me on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, you get a 10% discount off my normal rate. This helps me take care of some of my other clients during the week.
–For meeting planners, there’s an updated speaking one-sheet.

Stay tuned for an updated speaking demo video and some new speaking topics soon.

World Tea Expo

One of the neat things I love about delivering marketing keynotes and presentations across the country is the variety of disciplines, industries, and people I get to meet. At a meeting, I get to “be a part” of an industry that I may have never experienced before. I’m looking forward to a meeting next year that I’m sure I will enjoy.

I’ve been asked to deliver a marketing presentation at the 2nd annual World Tea Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA on June 10th at 11:00am.

I’ll be discussing building a marketing plan for the US and international visitors at the expo. If you’re into “tea”, make plans now to attend. The World Tea Expo is the largest trade-only conference in the world showcasing tea and tea-related products. Registration starts in November and I’ll also have a more detailed synopsis of my talk.



One of my marketing areas of concentration is healthcare marketing. I have several healthcare clients and several of my keynotes are focused on healthcare markeitng. One of the big things that healthcare marketers are in the dark about right now is how to market under HIPAA, the federal privacy law that went into effect back in 2003.

Last spring, a national healthcare publisher hired me to co-author a book about the challenges and opportunities presented to healthcare marketers under the federal HIPAA regulations. And now, after months of work, my co-author, Kate Borten, and I are proud to announce the publication of: (drumroll)Healthcare marketing Hipaa book

A Marketer’s Guide to HIPAA
Resources for Creating Effective and Compliant Marketing

This book is a great resource for healthcare marketers and should be a part of the toolkit of all healthcare practices. Kate and I give a basic breakdown of the parts of the Privacy and Security Rule that are pertinent to healthcare marketers. We attempted to write the book in practical, easy-to-understand language and included lots of “real world” scenarios. We offer a breakdown of what HIPAA permits, and the conditions it imposes for using patient information in marketing initiatives. Overall, the book explains the parts of HIPAA a healthcare marketer needs to be aware of, and gives concrete examples of effective marketing practices that use valuable patient data, but that steer clear of HIPAA violations.

Obviously, I contributed most of the healthcare marketing content. As to the legal HIPAA side of the equation, my co-author, Kate Borten, is a nationally recognized expert and frequent speaker on the topics of HIPAA and health information privacy and security. During the writing of the book, I was continually impressed with the depth of Kate’s knowledge of HIPAA. I think you’ll be equally impressed.

To order the book, you can visit

***ALSO*** I know that some of you participated in the “Marketing under HIPAA: Patient data and the law” webinar that Kate and I presented in August. This book is a great companion to that webcast. It gets much deeper into the material than we were able to with the seminar.

I have also added a version of the HIPAA webinar to my speaking topics. It’s a good addition to the other healthcare topics that I can present to your conference or meeting.


Marketing under HIPAA

If you’re even close to the healthcare industry, you’ve at least heard about the 800-lb gorilla that is called HIPAA. In some cases, some healthcare practitioners have been leery of database marketing in fear of violating HIPAA.

Fear not. Just sign up for a great webcast presented by Health Leaders Media called Marketing under HIPAA: Patient data and the law. Learn how to use patient data in healthcare marketing without violating HIPAA privacy laws. Join us on August 9, 2006 for this 90-minute interactive program. Kate Borten and I will equip you with the essential facts on how HIPAA and patient privacy impacts your healthcare organization’s marketing efforts.

Of course, my portion of the webinar will be about the healthcare marketing side. But, one of the real reasons to sign up for the webcast is my co-presenter, Kate Borten. I’ve been in the healthcare marketing arena for a long time….and after working with Kate, I’m convinced she knows more about HIPAA than anyone I’ve ever met.

Click here for more information about the webinar and to register. I think you’ll get alot out of it.


Look! It’s Chris.

Most of my marketing speaking engagements are private affairs. If I invited you, the organizers/company probably wouldn’t be happy.

So that’s why I like to send out the alert when I’m doing something open to the public. Actually, there are two in the next few months…

1) Corporate / Business Blogs (Marketing as Conversation) is a topic built for companies who currently don’t blog and are not taking an active part in the blog conversation. It’s part blog-primer and part blog-evangelism.
I’ll be presenting it to the Professional Marketing Association in Bowling Green, KY at their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday July 18. Please come. The program is free and you can have lunch for a nominal fee. Directions to the location and other info can be found on the PMA website.

2) I’ll be doing a webinar with HIPAA expert Kate Borten about HIPAA and Marketing on August 9th for HCpro. Lots of healthcare organizations are lost as to what they can and cannot do with marketing since the federal HIPAA regulations went into effect. Kate and I will try to show what marketing activities are allowed under HIPAA and give lots of useful ideas and info for healthcare marketing. HCpro does not have online registration for the webinar running yet, but I will post when they do.

These are the two upcoming spots on my calendar that are open to the public. There are also several private events ranging from the seminar, Advertising101…all the way to my main keynote, Big Picture Marketing. There are still open spots on the calendar. If you need an affordable and engaging marketing speaker who can speak to groups who know nothing about marketing equally well as a room full of marketing experts, please visit my website.