death of the daily

Almost two years ago, I wrote a scathing review of the new iPad only newspaper “The Daily”. Today, News Corp announced they’re closing down the Daily.

While I’ll stick with much of my initial critique of why it ultimately failed, there’s a simple distilled reason of its failure. A digital newspaper failed for the same reason that traditional newspapers are failing. It’s not about the platform, whether that be an iPad or newsprint. It’s about the content and the audience (and the revenue model)

1 thought on “death of the daily

  1. Drew Hawkins

    I was at a conference a year and a half ago here in Atlanta that had a Daily VP as part of a panel. When asked about circulation and subscribers, she refused to give numbers but claimed over and over again that they were “wildly successful and popular.” Most of the folks in the room were skeptical. Not a huge surprise to hear that news.

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