business connections

I don’t care for professional networkers … the glad handlers … the schmoozers.

However, I do enjoy meeting new people who have similar professional interests. And I absolutely love meeting people who are interesting.

But if our meeting feels like you’re trying to sell me something, you’re not making a connection. You’re just checking me off a list. It takes time and conversation to develop a professional relationship.

I think (most) people have gotten to the point that they can spot these people in the digital realm. You’ve been followed and then unfollowed by someone with 50,000 folllowers who is following 50,000 and has nothing but garbage tweets. You’ve been asked to connect by someone you don’t know who has 500+ LinkedIn connections.

But maybe easy digital connections have desensitized the process in real life. The professional networkers have always trolled their nets in business meetings. Watch to make sure they really want to connect or are just trying to collect business cards to hide in their secret cubby.