effin yes

Normally, if I want other people to take a look at interesting blog posts, articles, or other web fodder, I post it in my Twitter feed. (What!? You’re not following me?!)

But we know that Twitter is a stream with limited attention so I wanted to bring special attention to today’s post on James Lileks’ Bleat where he takes down Jeff Jarvis’ current profane political hashtag.

Lileks does a much better job of making the point, but there is never a real need for vulgur language. When people start using too much profanity, especially in a professional setting, I stop listening.

I also fully agree with Lileks’ points that Jarvis’ site is as ugly as sin and that hashtags don’t change the world. I like his line

It’s possible someone burst into the President’s office and said “sir, this hashtag is trending. I think you should take a look at this.”

My two cents. (as is everything here)