sadly, this is not a parody

One of the best indicators that you have a horrible idea is that people think its a joke.

Microsoft wants you to have Windows 7 launch party. This is not a joke.

PLEASE do not invite me to any such “party”. If I find out that you’re having such a party, I will call the cops to break it up. I would assume the police would find the idea of the party so disturbing that they would not hesitate to break out the tasers and clubs. You’ve been warned.

If you decide to ignore these warnings, do make sure your guest list includes an obvious forced diversity as Microsoft has done in their sample party video. If you can make it through the entire sample video without rolling your eyes or throwing up, then maybe you’re a good candidate for one of these parties. 

7 thoughts on “sadly, this is not a parody

  1. André

    Are you sure this is for real? *Yawn* A 6 minute long commercial with no content!*Yawn*.

    Does Steve Balmer actually know about this?

    Note that I had to use yawn marks instead of quote marks 😦

  2. GoingLikeSixty

    If I watch it all, do I win therapy?
    Watching and writing…

    Boomer woman

    What? No Asians? Of course there are no Hispanics, well, because you know…

    Done @ 1:38

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