i need to stop making suggestions on this blog

come fly the friendly skies

come fly the friendly skies

Last May, I made a outrageous suggestion in a blog post with the caveat not to laugh because it may happen.

Well, it may be happening. Sure, the CEO seems a little spacey…

“Michael makes a lot of this stuff up as he goes along and while this has been discussed internally there are no immediate plans to introduce it,” Stephen McNamara said in a statement.

But the key quote there is that it has been discussed internally. And while this airline’s PR flacks are trying to put out this fire, you know it’s been discussed at every airline.

When it does eventually happen on U.S. carriers (because we know how much they care for their passengers), I will be using my 3-1-1 bottles and clear plastic quart bags for other than intended purposes as a protest.

I wonder how much the airline industry will have to mistreat customers before there’s a pushback.

1 thought on “i need to stop making suggestions on this blog

  1. GOINGLikeSixty

    Oh, RyanAir, yeah, I’d pay $1.40 to pee, because they only charge like a penny to fly from hither to yon.

    But your 3-1-1 idea is much more rebellious. They don’t have a TSA, right?

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