does not rhyme with orange

tropicana new and old packaging

Back in with the old and out with the new for Tropicana?

The whole Tropicana fiasco fascinates me. While the new image looks very modern (and generic), it turns out people don’t want trendy OJ packaging. They want to be able to quickly pick up their favorite orange juice at the grocery.

My big question is: what was broken about the “straw in the orange” look that needed fixing anyway? The straw/orange is a nearly perfect metaphor for OJ.

It never ceases to amaze me how companies trash years of brand equity and customer familiarity just because they’re tired of the way the living room furniture looks and want to remodel.

Maybe it’s because Pepsi (who owns Tropicana) got seduced by the siren song of creatives who are more concerned with image than reality. Just a few weeks ago Arnell Group CEO Peter Arnell was singing his own praises about “the work” that is now being scrapped. Of course, these are the same people who basically just did a redux of the Obama logo and then sold it to Pepsi packaged with this garbage.

Most everybody is laying the flop at the feet of the brand team. But let’s not foget the other glaring failure of this Tropicana incident: the research. This move was run by the focus groups and had extensive market research. But then again, so was New Coke.

4 thoughts on “does not rhyme with orange

  1. Mandy Porta

    Everyone I’ve talked to hates the new Pepsi logo, including me. Can’t say I’m a fan of the new Tropicana look either. The vertical text is bothersome.

  2. K8

    Hello, just found you via Going Like Sixty’s blog – he’s right, you are a smart guy! You’ve a new reader 🙂

    I wonder if (shot in the dark) Tropicana changed the packaging to avoid showing a photo of the orange? I heard once that in marketing, if a photograph is pictured on the packaging, then that product has to contain that thing in its pure form in its ingredients.

    I’m highly sceptical that there’s a natural orange anywhere to be found in tropicana – they should’ve just gone right ahead and shown a big photo of a sugarcube!

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