congress is missing wheel of fortune

You probably already knew this — bu the government is made up of complete idiots.

I wrote a post last summer that proved the Feb 17th digital TV switch had been promoted enough that a 3-year old could understand what was coming. (literally)

But now that warm Obama glow has caused Congress (the opposite of Progress, as Nipsy once said) to push the switch back to June.

Sure — there were some issues with the converter box coupons. But after a MAJOR overkill of promoting the Feb 17th switch, if people weren’t ready — they were never going to be ready. And when they found out on Feb 18th that their procrastination had caused them to miss out on the wonderful thought provoking programming of network TV, they would have made the appropriate preparations.

Now — what it will be — is a case of the little boy who cried wolf. People won’t believe the June date either.

Just rip the BandAid off.