free parking

Here’s some marketing fun you can have the next time you go out.

If the parking lot you’re going into has an “Employee of the Month” parking space close to the front door, park in it.

When (and if) you’re confronted by the management for parking there, explain that you’re there to buy something that will help pay the salary of the employee of the month.

Reward your employees. Don’t do it by punishing your customers.

Speaking of parking — We went to a large mall in Louisville last weekend and got there about 15 minutes before the stores inside opened. We parked about halfway back in the parking lot because the spaces up close were full. There weren’t that many shoppers milling around inside waiting for the stores. Mmmmm …. I wonder where the employees parked.

Seems trivial. But small things like your parking lot say alot about how much you treasure your customers.

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    Love it. I will do the same if there is a spot reserved for any management too! Great idea.Word Verification word: idfrunit(Only have to show I.D. if you run it.)

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