i’m an evil person

When the woman at the register handed me the receipt and explained to me like I was mentally challenged how I should log onto the Internets and take the customer satisfaction survey, I just was mildly annoyed.

It was when I walked away and she shouted after me “Make sure you give me good marks!!!” that I decided to log on and tell corporate that I was “extremely dissatisfied”.

4 thoughts on “i’m an evil person

  1. Allen Fuller

    It sounds like she had it coming! Thanks for sharing that little anecdote. I guess there is something to all this talk about “relationship” marketing – and not the teacher to kindergartner kind…

  2. Chris Houchens

    @allen — it wasn’t so much as “she had it coming” — but rather that she was corrupting the feedback loop for her personal gain rather than to improve customer service.

  3. Lesley

    This reminds me of how I was asked recently if I had a strategy to populate a certain website with favorable reviews of my company’s products. My answer was, “That’s not my job; that’s everyone’s job.”

  4. Anonymous

    nice. I often e-mail corporate offices of retail outlets with my bad experiences. Yesterday someone at Brookstone scolded me for taking more than 30 seconds in the massage chair. What am I, a baby?

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