I gave it a shot

I didn’t like the original Geico Cavemen ads, so I wasn’t surprised that critics were dissing the Cavemen TV series on ABC.

I tried watching the premiere tonight.

I gave up after about 10 minutes. I got tired of the same joke. And I can’t understand why they’re so angry all the time. It’s hard to stretch one mediocre idea into something long running. (But don’t people try!)

Frankly, I would have prefered a show with the Geico Gecko. (if at all)

What ad mascots would you like to see have their own TV show?

4 thoughts on “I gave it a shot

  1. Lesley

    The Serta sheep! Though there was one; it was called “Creature Comforts.” It wasn’t the Serta sheep, but it was Aardman animation and was a great series, but CBS pulled the plug on them this past summer. It was a sad day.

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