Clerical Marketers

It never ceases to amaze me the number of clerical positions in smaller companies who are also the “marketing person” for the company.

And that’s not a slam against the good people in clerical positions.

It’s a slam against management who complain that their marketing doesn’t work / sales are down / etc…and are wondering why.

Why would you put the person who has chosen to work in a position that requires left-brain thinking in a position that needs right-brain thinking? Why would you put people who have absolutely no skills and no experience in marketing to be the same people to craft and deliver the messages to your current and potential customers?

A few of the job titles that I have seen lately are: “Office Manager/Marketing”, “Medical Records / Marketing Director”, or the ever popular “Loan Officer / Marketing”.

The position of “___ /marketing” is a horrible one. It’s horrible for the person because they’re typically in over their head.

It’s horrible for the company because you’re teaching someone how to swim by throwing them in the water. Meanwhile, your competitors have hired an Olympic swimmer.

Guess who’s going to win the race?

2 thoughts on “Clerical Marketers

  1. Nahili

    Marketing Department should become the center of every organization. The CEO should be named CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), a good marketing specialist should earn more than a good engineer… And I guess it’s already happening, in a few companies (Apple, Signal vs Noise, Nintendo)

  2. Going Like Sixty

    Good one. I suspect many bosses view the think time required for marketing as free time.

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