call me – or not

People are discovering the Do Not Call List has an expiration date.

And telemarketers are ready to pounce.

But here’s the thing that someone with common sense would understand:
If someone didn’t want to be marketed to 5 years ago, they probably still don’t today.

Organizations that think things like the do-not-call list, and email unsubscibes are a hurdle are also organizations who like to waste money and resources by trying to market to people who have stated they are not interested.

A smart marketer understands that by only talking to those who have expressed an interest to listen makes your marketing ROI go way up.

1 thought on “call me – or not

  1. Lesley

    I should read the marketing blogs more than once a week! I just wrote about the same general topic. Except that I was just noting that some news outlets were jumping the gun a bit since the federal list doesn’t expire until next year.Though I also think that it should be permanent, though I believe there’s a dubious reason it’s not. Just like there’s a dubious reason why political candidates are exempt from the rules. Now why anyone would want to contact someone that doesn’t want to hear from them is still a mystery to me. I’m with you–I’d much rather be communicating with people who are interested in my product.

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