Reality Check

Recently, I spoke to a group of late teens/early 20-somethings about online media. These students were in an honors class in one of the top journalism schools in the country.

In all, they threw me for a loop on what “the online generation” is doing.

Granted, it was only about 90 minutes with 18 people. But perhaps before you invest heavily in online platforms, you should get your head out of the blogosphere where “everyone” knows all about the potential of Web2.0 and you should drop in on a few of the people out in the real world.

2 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Lewis Green

    Chris, Excellent point of view. Except when my head is buried in blogs, I seldom meet anyone who spends time reading them. We have lots of educating in front of us if our intent is to grow readership.

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