Jump Ideas

I just returned from delivering a marketing talk at the World Tea Expo in Atlanta. Hats off to Stacy and all the event staff. It was one of the best organized conferences I’ve attended in a long while.

Being a marketing speaker is one of the things I most enjoy doing. One of the many reasons I enjoy it is — that for a few days — I get to be involved in drastically different industries and worlds of thought. In the past year, I have delivered seminars and keynotes to groups ranging from hospitals and medical facilities to orthotics and non-profits.

You’d be surprised how many new ideas and methods you can come up with for your own industry when you delve into a completely different worldview.

One of my favorite business stories is the bank manager who borrowed/stole operations and marketing ideas from the fast food industry to make his branches operate more quickly and efficiently. It’s these “jump ideas” that cause your business to differentiate and stand out from the competition.

While you may not be speaking at conferences and corporate events, you can do this. Pick up a trade journal or surf the web for information about a business or industry that you know nothing about and is not even remotely related to what you do.

You might find a “jump idea” that you can implement.

2 thoughts on “Jump Ideas

  1. Lewis Green

    Chris,Good ideas and practices cross vertical lines easily and are transferable to those who seek to find.

  2. Penina S. Finger

    More than a month later and this idea is still piping HOT!Very cool. I love thinking like this!

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