I continue to watch the attempted evolution of the McDonalds brand. It seems they to want to be the next Starbucks with all the coffee promotions they’ve been brewing lately.

McDonalds has introduced a new iced coffee drink. At least with iced coffee, they’ll avoid lawsuits from people spilling the cup in their laps. Unless they sue for frostbite instead of burns.

This is the latest in a long line of new products and store remodels that McDonalds is using to try to change the public perception of the McDonalds brand and branch out into other market segments.

I often rant that trying to “re-brand” is a pointless exercise. The brand is generated by the consumer, not dictated by the company.

For a majority of the public, the McDonalds brand still evokes the thoughts of unhealthy food, freakish clowns, and minimum wage workers. A chic coffee drink and premium chicken aren’t going to change that overnight.

And you can see the trouble they’re having in trying to change the perception. Only a few companies in the world have the money and public attention to try and pull a re-brand off. And they fail most of the time.

What makes you think you’re going to pull off a “re-brand” with your budget?

3 thoughts on “Mc-Iced

  1. Irene

    I agree. They are well known for the products they sell and changing the perspective will not help them change what people think about them

  2. John

    It sure is hard to change to way people think about the Mcdonalds brand. Convincing the public with their iced coffee will probably take a long time before people will recognize them with it.

  3. Rob

    The switch toward more Starbucks like restaurants is especially ludicrous when you look at their menu. Even with the changes (premium coffee, salads, etc.) the bulk of the menu is burgers and fries. If McDonald’s really wants to renegotiate their brand image, they have to do a lot more work from the bottom up.

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