Customer Service not Customer Systems

A local hospital subscribes to the Planetree system of patient care. They pump it on every promotional piece they have. Every commercial is tagged with it.

My challenge to the hospital would be to randomly select 100 patients and ask them what it means that the hospital is a part of the Planetree Alliance. My bet is that a super majority don’t have a clue and don’t care.

When you have to educate your customers that you’re both a part of something and what that something is, you’re working doubly hard for nothing.

People DO know what good customer service is. They DO know when they get an authentic experience with your organization.

Stop trying to live up to a buzzwordy system and start delivering an above average customer experience.

You won’t have to teach people what that means. You just have to deliver.

2 thoughts on “Customer Service not Customer Systems

  1. Ben Kelly

    I agree – nothing is as meanginful as an AUTHENTIC experience fueled by AUTHENTIC passion. Products become commodities, and services aren’t always differentiators…..experiences always are – for better or wrose.

  2. Vail marketing

    Another example of the business showing off what the business wants, not what the customer wants. When I’m in a hospital, I want smart, friendly care, the best equipment, and the most skilled doctors. I don’t care what accounting systems they use or any other behind the scenes items.

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