High pitched sound from Corbin

KFC has gone the way of the ad gimmick like GE’s Tivo commericals. They’ve inserted a high pitched sound in a spot that supposedly only young ears can hear. It’s the same high pitched frequency used in teen repellent. See the spot here…

That high pitched sound? It’s just the blood trying to squeeze through your blocked artery.

3 thoughts on “High pitched sound from Corbin

  1. Ron E.

    Ok…I hear it, but I really don't get it. They get kids attention in the most unattractive part of it for them- the pricing! My opinion: silly, get a better way to get their attention (& keep it).

  2. Adrian

    But surely the teen repellent sound is going to repel not attract teens?Even after 8 years of aural abuse as a live sound engineer and being way past the supposed bounds of teenager hearing, at 47 years old I can hear it.Someone’s being had, or manipulated.Hey look! I’m talking about it, they got my attention. Still didn’t rush out and buy a bucket though.

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