Second No-Life

Excellent story here with GigaOm (via Hugh) on why marketing in Second Life doesn’t work.

I have never really understood the Second Life hype or the rush for companies to “build” a marketing campaign in SL.

My presumption on why every company feels that they have to have a presence in SL is that BigCorp started a Second Life initiative. And then MegaCorp felt they had to keep up with the Jones. And once BigCorp and MegaCorp were there, then WannabeCorp based their whole bloody online strategy around it. Etc. Etc. And then the politicians showed up.

Inserting your marketing in Second Life to reach online users and build an online marketing strategy in 2007 is like trying to slip cans of New Coke into a basement full of Dungeons & Dragons players in 1985.

The whole Second Life marketing issue/problem is just a good example of what companies are doing wrong when they try to market through any social networking site, whether it be Second Life, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

Each of these sites is like a private party with either invited guests or people who show up and become guests over time. When you show up with your Amway sample case, people are turned off.

Quit trying to “insert” yourself into online communities and create your own community around your product.