Real Numbers

As I said in this post and followed up with this post…when you do a survey and then publish the numbers, the numbers become real. When people are shown statistics, very few people will question the methodology that was used to get the numbers.

The survey/poll/etc says “X”… “X” must be true.

The power of published numbers is so strong that sometimes people don’t accept the real results. There’s a losing candidate in Florida who is considering a legal challenge to the election results because in his words….

“In this election, the results did not match the…pre-election poll, our internal polling, or our exit polling.”

The results didn’t match your surveys? So…the real numbers are wrong?

Of course, this is politics and there are other factors….but lots of businesses fall into this trap as well.

Surveys and research are good for getting a feel of the market. They’re good for testing the waters. They are not hard facts. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking your research is the truth. You may be surprised.