Mud Duex

One last thought on my recent political marketing post/rant

Imagine a world where all marketing is conducted like political marketing in the final two weeks before the election.

“Starbucks has been where Americans get their daily cuppajoe every morning for the past few years. But have you looked at Starbucks record? A barista in Tulsa once spilled a mocha latte on a customer’s pants. Do we really want dirty pants for Americans? Paid for by Citizens for a Better Bean”

Which invokes the following response from Starbucks…

“Ol’ Dunkin is back at it again with wild stories about coffee stained pants. But did you know that Dunkin Donuts uses coffee beans harvested by child labor in a communist dictatorship? Starbucks….we’re roasting the American Bean. Paid for by the National Bean Committee.”

And back and forth.

The final weeks of these political marketing campaigns are like a poker game where the player has lost all his money and he’s placing his wedding band (the BRAND) on the table for the final hand. It’s all or nothing. Destroy the competing brand. And in the process..destroy your own brand image.

And while it’s not this bad in the “real marketing world”…sometimes businesses get close to that line. One of my prime marketing directives is to never attack…or even mention the competition in marketing. You should offer the best product and service that is possible and use all available methods to get the message to the consumer. That’s it.

Yes. Worry about the competition in business strategy. Make sure you know what they’re doing and what they’re planning…but never take the fight public and mention it in your marketing.

When you mention the competition, you’re acknowledging to the market (some that may not have even known you HAD a competitor) that you’re running defense. And it’s hard to score when playing defense.

Forgive me for the sports analogy….but I’m Chris Houchens and I approved this message.