Same Bat Time : Same Bat ?


What’s wrong with this billboard?
(Other than the fact that they make a weird couple.)

You’d think a TV station would know something about advertising. But, you’d be wrong.

Forgetting one detail makes the entire thing useless.

Maybe the dog knows what channel it’s on.


4 thoughts on “Same Bat Time : Same Bat ?

  1. Mike Bawden

    Maybe the channel number was on the board to the right?Really, it’s outdoor like this that makes people buy radio. Haven’t these people ever heard of the “7 word” rule?Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Chris Houchens

    @Mike…No dice on the other board….You can still see part of the board to the right…it’s for The Voyage roller coaster at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN.

  3. carlo137

    Maybe they should just let viewers tune in 24 hours. Wouldn’t that be great for the network? But what network? I’ll just ask some friends maybe they know who these guys are, they’re probably important the network’s channel isn’t even shown.

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