The Wrong Tail

People love the bandwagon. They hop on it whenever they can. For the public, it’s the latest reality show. For business, it’s the latest book. If fact, I’ve thought of writing a business book entitled “Raving Guerilla Cheese Movers” It’d be a hit.

I’ve said some things about marketing books that I still believe. “X”..whatever it is…is not going to be the solution to all your problems. People need to stop hopping on the latest business trend that’s being promoted down at Borders and need to start looking holistically at their business and marketing.

That’s why I thought this Slate article from Tim Wu was great. He reviews Chris Anderson’s new book, The Long Tail. Of course, the Long Tail is a concept that most of the blogosphere and forward thinking people already know about. But beware, the masses are about to grab hold of it…a sure sign that the idea is about to be corrupted.

Wu brings up some of the shortcomings of the long tail theory which might be good for some bloggers to read. After reading some blogs, you’d think the long tail could go pick up your dry cleaning. We’ve been corrupted already. It’s a good idea that we’ve tried to apply too broadly.

I still think you should buy Chris’ new book…and encourage others to buy. I think the long tail is an essential concept for the new times. And it does work for many things. But, just don’t expect it to solve all your problems.


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  1. Mack Collier

    My favorite is that so many bloggers still are amazed by the phrase ‘Markets are conversations’. You mean people talk? And to each other? And like-minded people with like-minded passions and interests discuss these passions and interests?Fascinating!

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