Silence is Golden

It’s summertime and the bloggin’ is easy.

My posts have been light over the past few weeks as the humidity reached 188% and frankly, I have nothing to say.

The trouble with much of the blogosphere is that people think they have to post all the time. It’s hard to have good content all the time. I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that mandates you have 8 posts a day, check your technorati ranking every hour, and do nothing but blog and go to conferences (or “un”conferences) with other bloggers. I think bloggers forget there’s other voices that are still being heard (although not as much as they used to be)

Mack Collier has a great post about the mainstream and the fact that the reality of the blogosphere and the reality of the rest of the world are still pretty far apart. It reminds me of a one of my posts from last October.


1 thought on “Silence is Golden

  1. Mack Collier

    The funny thing is Chris, I really haven’t had much to say lately either. That wasn’t what prompted that post, but it’s funny because like you, I’ve realized by now that if I don’t have something worth saying, it might be best to keep my mouth shut till I do “It’s summertime and the bloggin’ is easy.”BTW I just caught the Sublime reference, good one!

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