Look! It’s Chris.

Most of my marketing speaking engagements are private affairs. If I invited you, the organizers/company probably wouldn’t be happy.

So that’s why I like to send out the alert when I’m doing something open to the public. Actually, there are two in the next few months…

1) Corporate / Business Blogs (Marketing as Conversation) is a topic built for companies who currently don’t blog and are not taking an active part in the blog conversation. It’s part blog-primer and part blog-evangelism.
I’ll be presenting it to the Professional Marketing Association in Bowling Green, KY at their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday July 18. Please come. The program is free and you can have lunch for a nominal fee. Directions to the location and other info can be found on the PMA website.

2) I’ll be doing a webinar with HIPAA expert Kate Borten about HIPAA and Marketing on August 9th for HCpro. Lots of healthcare organizations are lost as to what they can and cannot do with marketing since the federal HIPAA regulations went into effect. Kate and I will try to show what marketing activities are allowed under HIPAA and give lots of useful ideas and info for healthcare marketing. HCpro does not have online registration for the webinar running yet, but I will post when they do.

These are the two upcoming spots on my calendar that are open to the public. There are also several private events ranging from the seminar, Advertising101…all the way to my main keynote, Big Picture Marketing. There are still open spots on the calendar. If you need an affordable and engaging marketing speaker who can speak to groups who know nothing about marketing equally well as a room full of marketing experts, please visit my website.