Marketing Mayday

Back in the day…when I was an “on-air personality” in the radio business, May 1st was an odd day. Legally, you could never say “It’s May Day” while you were on the air. You were on an open frequency on public airwaves and saying Mayday would technically be sending a false distress signal. Of course, being a wild rebel and such, I would always let a Mayday slip out. But oddly, no one out in Hitland even sent a rescue party for me.

The trouble with all Maydays and other forms of asking for help is people either
a) don’t ask for help at all
b) wait until it’s too late to ask for help.

I had several conversations with a couple of people over the weekend about bad marketing. There’s a lot of it out there. Some of it comes from large corporations who should know better. But most of it comes from honest small to medium-sized businesses who are trying their best. As I work with clients and speak to audiences, I see a few top reasons for misplaced marketing.
—Marketing salespeople masquerading as “marketing consultants”.
Marketing by Committee
—Improper use and understanding of brand strategy and branding.

But the biggest marketing hurdle for most of these organizations is the lack of marketing knowledge and resources.

These businesses spend a large percentage of thier operating budget for marketing but don’t get good ROI because they aren’t using those marketing dollars effectively. They’re in over their heads and lose faith in the effectiveness of marketing.

Maybe this describes your organization. Maybe you should use May 1st to declare a Marketing Mayday. Read a book. Read a blog. Get someone who knows what they’re doing to help you. This path to increase your marketing knowledge and resources in discussed in this free marketing e-book that I wrote. Just do something different.

Start the turnaround. Declare a Marketing Mayday today.