Online Balance

John Wagner has an excellent post about what I have always referred to as “the happy medium”.

Sometimes it seems that the PR world has been divided into two camps. One is sold on social media and spends many waking moments talking and writing about it on blogs, podcasts and other forums. These folks go to conferences, speak at conferences, listen to conferences, then post and post and post and talk and talk and talk about what a difference social media is making. The other camp could care less.

The trouble is that neither of these camps are completely right. The world of marketing is moving toward social media….however, we’re only in the early part of the adoption curve on it. There are meaty hunks of the populace who still have no idea about this blogosphere that we’re all familiar with. All the barcamp-mashup-meshup-rss-web2.0-blogconference buzz in the entire world is not currently able to reach most of the masses.

And before you non-social media people start your victory dance….your days are numbered and the power of traditional media and marketing is diminishing daily.

Right now, the happy medium is where it’s at. As John says in his post….Blog a little and live a little.