The Name Game

Naming a business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It’s second only to naming a child (Pass the salt, Veleena.)

Nine years ago, I gave my marketing practice the name, Shotgun Concepts. Sometimes people ask me what that means. (“Well, Shotgun is Norse for “Sage Marketing Wizard” and Concepts means… “)

Actually, I was dating a girl at the time and my nickname for her was “Shotgun”. Luckily, today that girl is my wife and the mother of my children. Don’t name a business after a girlfriend. You might not be so lucky.

Shotgun also fit because I have a very broad “big picture” outlook on marketing….just like a broad shotgun blast.

I’ve never liked the fact I stuck the word “Concepts” in there. I was younger and more stupid nine years ago and hadn’t fully appreciated how that word would fade into “business speak”. It could have been “The Shotgun Group” or the painfully obvious “Shotgun Marketing”. But now, “concepts” is engrained in URLs, letterhead, legal paperwork, and people’s minds. It’s too late to change.

So I was glad to see this post on Adrants today. There’s a blog movement to get the word “concept” as it’s used in the marketing/ad world (as a verb) added to the dictionary.
–to concept (knspt) – v. 1. A process whereby ideas are generated for the purpose of creatively solving a problem.

Fits perfectly.


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