Another Corporate Blog Disaster

I would think after the Captain Morgan blog and similar corporate/marketing blog disasters that businesses would have learned one of the 1st rules of corporate blogging…that fictional characters CANNOT blog.

But hey, why learn from others mistakes when you can make your own?

The Pink Panther launched a “blog” this month. Surprisingly, he talks alot about insulation. (New hot tag! – )

Which reminds me of my favorite (and only) Pink Panther joke….
Q. What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?
A. Deadant… Deadant… Deadant… Deadant… Deadant… Deadant… Deadaaaaaant… Deadant… Deadant… Deadant…
(sing it and you’ll get it)

Afraid your organization / business will be making big corporate blog mistakes? I have a new keynote presentation thats geared to organizations/groups who don’t know much about blogging as a marketing function, but need to. It’s already tentatively booked with two groups in the coming months. Here’s the “official” description…

Corporate / Business Blogs (Marketing as Conversation)
You’ve heard of blogs and maybe you’ve even read one, but have you ever considered blogging as a part of your marketing strategy? You may not realize it, but corporate blogging is an easy way to do something that marketers have strived to do for years. Did you know that even if your company doesn’t have a blog, blogs can still influence the success or failure of your company? Are corporate blogs just the latest business trend that will soon be yesterday’s fad?
Chris Houchens will discuss how blogs can be used by an organization in either a marketing or corporate sense. His presentation will address the past, present and future trend of blogging as a marketing tool and will highlight several real world business blog successes and failures. Learn the challenges and opportunities of using a blog to promote a business and learn the dos and don’ts of the blogosphere

If you’d like to book this presentation or would like information about any of my speaking topics, please visit my website.