Slam Dunk

It’s always interesting to know how consumers actually use your product. The more you know about the use, the better you can market it.

A great example is when Avon found out people were using Skin-So-Soft as an insect repellent. They changed the marketing to match how the consumers were using it.

Nabisco has announced that the shape of Oreos will change for 6 weeks this summer. They will become oblong “Oreo Dunkers” with messages written on them like “Dunk Me” and “Milk’s Favorite Cookie”. The dunkers will also have lines showing levels of “dry,” “soaked,” and “soggy.”

Apart from my questions of why Oreos would pull such a really bad branding move….My big question is: Who actually eats Oreos this way? I’ve never dunked a cookie…and I’ve never seen anyone in real life eat an Oreo this way. Maybe I’m just sheltered and out of the mainstream (wouldn’t be the 1st time).

But I think it’s something else. Nearly every Oreo ad has someone dunking the cookie in a glass of milk. I think Oreo dunking is a public lie, something that everyone believes, but still isn’t true. And maybe Nabisco has fallen prey to its own ad message.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Do you dunk?

Update: Apparently, I was wrong. The comments on this post reflect a bunch of dunkers.

However, from the larger P.O.V. of brand strategy…I still think it’s risky to change one of the Oreo brand hallmarks (the shape) for a stunt.

4 thoughts on “Slam Dunk

  1. Byron Gaum

    I started dunking as a kid because of the commercials. It tastes great. I don’t buy them anymore since I have to watch the waistline more closely.

  2. JT Winebrenner

    Oh, dunking happens. The milk soaks into the chocolatey goodness and makes for some good eats. Verdict is still out as to whether or not it is better than tearing the suckers apart and eating the guts first.

  3. Nick Rice

    I’m a dunker too. I love it. Even got my 2yr old doing it. I hope they have the research to prove that the new shape appeals to a large segment of their audience. At the worst I guess it’s a test to gauge reaction; albeir a highly risky one.

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