Monthly Archives: January 2006

Reading Along with Powerpoint

When I speak, there are always several variants of the following comment on the evaluation/feedback forms…

“would have liked handouts of your slides”

If you just want to sit and read my slides, I’ll e-mail them to you. That way, neither one of us will have to leave home. I will NEVER handout copies of the Powerpoint during one of my presentations. If I’m doing my job correctly, the slides should make no sense to you without my accompanying speech.

I do provide handouts. I always provide a broad outline of the presentation so participants can follow along, know where we are, and take notes. I really like to give handouts of “bonus material”…extra info/tools that are related to the topic that folks can take home and use.

The sad thing is that people have started to accept bad Powerpoint as “the way it’s supposed to be”. I may have to start giving a Powerpoint slide disclaimer prior to speaking.

Seth Godin’s “Really Bad Powerpoint” e-book
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