Czech Mate

Just as we’re “re-branding” every spot on the map in the U.S….the phenomenon has spread worldwide. The Czech Republic now has a logo. [LINK]

Newsflash:: Most countries already have a logo…it’s called a FLAG.

I’m no expert on Eastern European Graphic Design…but it looks a LITTLE busy to be a logo. It looks to be more of a poster. Each of the little cartoon bubbles highlights a part of the Czech culture. From the press release….

It’s very bouncy and playful, and one row of bubbles is dedicated to words like “mushrooming”, or “Christmas carp” and “remoska” referring to favourite Czech hobbies and a very famous Czech portable oven.

Ahhh, nothing like the lights on the tree and the Christmas carp in the oven.

(Sad Disclosure — I actually got a little giddy when I thought of the corny title to this post. Close runners up were “Czech, Please” and “Czech out this new logo”. …I think I made the best choice.)


3 thoughts on “Czech Mate

  1. consumering

    This stupid idea of “branding” a nation has become a desease spread by the millionnaires of criativity. Brasil just created one logo (yes despite the fact they have a flag) and more radical approaches are being defended in Portugal (changing the flag like if anyone cares). Missing perhaps the astounishing nill effect of the country rebranding in turkmenistan (who? yes, that’s how sucessfully it went).cheers!

  2. Dmitry Linkov

    Strange thing actually. It really looks like a poster – not a logo at all!And the main question – what it is actually done for? And you’ve metioned right, what about the flag

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