People are still in the dark

When I tell people I have a blog, sometimes they have a little hidden smile about it. I believe the reason for this little smile (and one of the hurdles for all business/corporate blogging to the public) is that the people who actually KNOW what a blog is have the wrong mental image of bloggers.

When you say BLOG, I think a large number of people still picture a hormone-depressed teenage girl writing on Xanga or MySpace about why her boyfriend broke up with her and why she hates Jenny and all her friends. This all on a loudly designed page. Kids and teens are heavy bloggers. In fact, they are so open about their lives online that it causes serious trouble.

You’d think that school administration and those even higher up would be on top of blogging…at the very least to teach the kids how to be safe online. But, according to this Ohio reporter, the president of the National Education Association (NEA) does NOT even know what a blog is.

I refer you once again to one of my former posts…Blogs are not mainstream.