Maybe they were too focused on the Ampersand

It’s all over the blogosphere [Scoble] [Rogue] [AdRants] [etc]..but I thought I needed to add my 2 cents as well.

You may have the biggest-most-hugest-earth-shattering ad budget the world has ever seen…but you have to exercise just a little common sense.

Companies can’t just tell people what to think when they “rebrand”. Consumers already know what a company represents. Now, in the new world, it’s just more obvious that a company is making a fool of itself becasue they can be belittled publicly for it.

BTW here’s another little stupid glitch…look what Blogger’s spell check doesn’t understand… tags::

1 thought on “Maybe they were too focused on the Ampersand

  1. Dmitry Linkov

    My god! It’s funny from one side, from another – it’s awful! You got an interesting great blog, I’ll keep an eye on it.Best regards, Dmitry.

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