Problems and Solutions

I recently returned a call from a gentleman who was inquiring about hiring me to consult on his company’s marketing strategy. Within a minute of the beginning of our conversation, he popped out “Do you do guerilla marketing? I want to do guerilla marketing. I read a book at Borders about Guerilla marketing last week and it was great”

My response was that unique and non-traditional methods were extremely effective, but it would be best to take a look at his marketing objectives before we determined what strategies would work best. I don’t think he liked that I said that, but we continued to talk…

Through our entire conversation, I got the message that “marketing” was one more thing on his big checklist to get taken care of today. He had already developed the business model…already had the website online…and now was “adding the marketing” to his business. I told him that I probably wasn’t a good fit for his company.

Too many people already have “the solution” figured out before they know what the problem is. And the answer to your marketing problem is not in the marketing book you picked up at Borders last night. It starts by looking at your company from your customer’s POV and working from there.