Super Hooha

The Super Bowl ad hooha already started…only this time it’s even worse. Now there’s buzz ABOUT the buzz ABOUT buzz around the ads. (which BTW is a great company…I use them for my own and my client’s domain business) had a press conference recently with founder Bob Parsons to talk about what they were going to do with their controversial Super Bowl spots this year. (Get the complete story here.)

This year’s ads on ABC will go for around $2.6 million…which is actually up a little from last year’s record high price. I will make a prediction that that’s as high as they will go. Several perennial advertisers are already sitting this year’s game out including Frito Lay, McDonald’s, and Visa. There are even rumours that Super Bowl mainstay Anheuser-Busch is rethinking plans to be a part of the 2007 game. The reason?…the ROI is not there….Basic Advertising 101

Even so, you’ll still hear a lot about the ads this year. The Super Bowl is one of the only times that advertising itself is a news story. You’ll hear how companies rally their entire year’s ad budget and resources around this one moment. What you probably won’t hear is that the 2006 is the tipping point for the downfall of Super Bowl advertising….and another nail in the coffin for the TV ad industry as a whole.

Using the Super Bowl as an example of how traditional TV advertising is still healthy is like looking at all the people taking carriage rides around Central Park and remarking on how America’s horse and buggy industry is as strong as ever.

The Super Bowl Ad Blitz is a unique and weird animal and should be thought of in those terms.